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A Distributor of BG Products

Services & Programs

Services & Programs

We are an exclusive distributor of BG Products in Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin. We are committed to providing high quality products that add more efficiency, miles per gallon and long term reliability to vehicles.

S e r v i c e s

Specialized Cleaners, Conditioners & Equipment
We specialize in quality products and equipment designed to clean and restore every fluid component in a vehicle. From hard carbon deposits in fuel systems to contaminated transmission fluid, BG Automotive has the solution for you! Our services are tested to ensure performance quality preventative maintenance to keep vehicles running efficiently. 

P r o g r a m s

To Help Your Business Grow
We offer a variety of customer retention programs to help grow your business and provide your customers with peace of mind when purchasing our products through your service center. With benefits like Roadside Assistance and Lifetime Protection Plan, we can help align you and your customers' interests. 


Our Account Managers

Our team of account managers are highly skilled professionals who have been trained by BG Products, Inc. to provide you with quality service, information, and tools to grow your business. We have handpicked each member on our team with the following traits in mind: dependable, resourceful, honest and ambitious. Contact us so we can connect you with your local account manager! Or if you are looking to service your personal vehicle, click "Find-A-Shop" for a list of BG service providers near you!
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